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I had anthem blue cross ppo for 6 years and had no problem my monthly premuim was affordable and everything was fine. Fast forward to 2014 when my ppo plan went from P.P.O to E.P.O and you would think anthem blue cross would inform me of the change that's a big NO not to mention my deductible was sky high and anthem blue cross was only responsible for 80% of my bills and I was responsible for 20% (what a joke) well here's where my nightmare truly began I fell in Sept 2014 and went to the ER where I was informed I had a closed fracture in my elbow (not to mention the ER doctor never told me what bone I actually fractured after repeated requests) so after I left the ER and called anthem blue cross to make sure that the doctor I wanted to see was in network.

I was told not once but twice that he was so I went ahead and made a appointment only to be called the day before to tell me that this doctor's office wont be able to see me because I had a EPO plan not PPO when I called anthem blue cross I was informed by a customer service rep that this doctor I wanted to see was not in fact in network and if I wanted to see him I can opt to see him out of network but I will have to pay out of pocket. I then asked the customer service rep to find me another orthopedic doctor and I needed a specialist that deals with arms and elbows he found me one and I called this doctor's office to make an appointment 2 days later. So I go see this doctor he *** the splint from my arm and informs me that I needed surgery so I'm feeling relieved and as I'm talking to this doctor thinking ok lets do this surgery and get elbow fixed imagine my surprise when this doctor informed me that he wasnt going to the surgery why because he told me I needed to see a specialist and when I asked him what kind of specialist he was imagine my surprise when he told me he only deals with hip and knees and when I asked this doctor to refer me to a specialist he flat out refused and told me it wasn't his job as a doctor to refer me to a specialist but my job to find one on my own and after refusing to help me but my sling on my arm he walked out the room. Days later my mom contacted anthem blue cross asking them yet again to refer me to a arm and elbow specialist it took them an hour in a half to help my mom find a specialist and after which I called and made a appointment for 2 weeks later.

Fast forward the day of my appointment and I go see yet another doctor and after having so many x-rays this doctor informs me he doesnt want to do the surgery and makes me go to physical therapy for an entire month (which guess what made my arm/elbow worse) this doctor then informs me he cant figure out the problem only to be told he was referring me to a pain specialist and a actual arm/elbow doctor imagine my surprise yet again that the anthem blue cross representive sent me to pediatric orthopedic. I finally ended up seeing a specialist but sadly because I kept getting the run around my arm/elbow healed improperly to where I cant bend or straighten my arm and not to mention every year til 2016 my premuims went up as well as my deductibles and if I was only able to meet my deductibles was if I had surgery or injections to help me deal with the pain I have because I was diagnosed with RSD and when I needed my medication until my deductible I was told I had to pay over $400. I've been disabled ever since and when I filed a grievance in order to get anthem blue cross I got nothing but a rejection letter telling there was nothing they can do for me. Anthem Blue Cross sucks and if I would have stayed with anthem blue cross this year 2017 my premuim would have went up even more and my deductible was close to $6000 which is a disgrace.

So because anthem blue cross wants to hike up the price every year I'm no longer able to see the wonderful doctors I had and now I'm on Medi-cal through healthnet. Anthem Blue Cross you guys need to get it together I see why there were numerous class action lawsuits against you.

Now that I'm permanately disabled because of lack of care from anthem blue cross and from the beginning not sending me to specialists I can no longer work. Again anthem blue cross you suck.

Review about: Anthem Blue Cross And Blue Shield Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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